For Newcomers

Golf is a growing, prestigious game. It’s a world’s game, in fact.

Every year, more and more people are attracted to the game of golf because for various reasons. Either they’re competitive and want to play a serious, thinking-person’s skill game, or they want to just get out and enjoy the day with a few casual rounds. Regardless, you need to learn the ropes.

There are many guides for beginners out there, so we’re not going to worry about reinventing the wheel, here. The folks over at Golf Digest have done a fabulous job of putting all of the important notes to paper for you. We’ve included a link to one of our favorite beginner’s articles HERE.

When you’re ready to start gearing up and getting out there, make sure you stop by our shop to see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy.

We look forward to helping your game and getting out there with you.

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